Jan 13, 2020
lmaono (All reviews)
reverse harem nightmare-
main character has no backbone, was blessed by god to be infuriatingly indecisive her whole life. I think an accurate name to this manga would be "sexual assault-the manga"
my god, the men in this manga, absolute trash, mc gets to pick from
-asshole brat, assaults at any given moment, treats her like property has extreme sexist tendencies (main)
-creepy brother that turns out to not be a brother that has been in love with his technically-sister (shudder)
-this other asshole that roofies her

who would you choose?
the manga kind of forces you to choose the absolute shithead that is ryouki tachibana, intimate moments are draw well and your heart will do that loop thing its supposed to do in shoujos except you'll realise our boy here is fondling with the mc's tits in public despite her telling him to stop. literally no concept of consent the entire time, and then that sweet feeling is replaced by terrible terrible nausea. oh and may I add the manga artist has such a talent for drawing the main couple making out, because that panel will look so sweet and they'll stare into each others eyes with such fondness and just confuse you as a reader, did I mention tachibana hits mc and calls her deragotary terms as a form of endearment, cute, right?
in my fury I just couldn't stop reading midway, I read it entirely in one sitting and proceeded to be sour the entire day.

despite all this, if youre feeling particularly self depreciating one day, give it a read and bask in that dominant-daddy-that's-an-actual-jerk-and-should-be-dumped-immediately also you-belong-to-me-so-dont-think-about-any-other-male-except-abusively-possessive boyfriend glory,

you know what serves her right for being a total idiot