Jan 12, 2020
Corinthians98 (All reviews)
Reading Interspecies Reviewers is fueled by the obscene premise and your own unregulated curiosity. However, you will come to find that there’s a lot more to this series than it’s surface level stimulus. It’s main strength is the amount of thought put into the brothels. Since different species occupy this world, each brothel has it’s own set of rules and mode of operation. This works well with the episodic structure of the series since we get to visit a new place in each chapter. The next strength of the series is the main cast which consists of a human, an elf and an angel (and usually one more alternating species) who review these brothels for work. Since they’re different species their preferences and personalities usually lead to mixed reviews which are interesting to read. I personally love masha’s art and the half cartoon half anime style was perfect for this kind of story. I honestly can’t imagine a better artist for this series.