Jan 12, 2020
LadyAxeFace (All reviews)
I think only those with very particular tastes are likely to enjoy Miniamaru Kareshi. There's really no two ways about it, Kusakabe is a literal stalker, even going so far as to secretly follow his new girlfriend Iroha on a social outing to which he wasn't invited. I'm really not into this kind of thing, so the only details that make it at all palatable to me is that the manga is written in such a way that it clearly recognizes how this behavior is creepy, and that Iroha as far as I have read, says she's okay with it (though I suspect it may be because she is so inexperienced, she doesn't quite comprehend how creepy it is.) I know there are people out there who enjoy reading romances about possessive guys, and so it may have appeal to them, but for me there really wasn't any.