Jan 12, 2020
JoshXGahan (All reviews)

Overview: I’ll try to keep this review short but there’s too much I want to say, so I doubt it. I don’t hold and biased opinions on one piece just because it’s popular, I’m not hating on it just because it’s popular and if I was my rating would have been lower. But I’m being fair I think in giving it a 5 it has some good moments but it has very bad ones too. And is the most overhyped manga/anime I’ve ever seen. The fact that most people watch the anime and that’s even worse just proves that it’s not all that, and that there just sheep, like MHA fans, these type of manga/anime are just forgettable and I just forget them and move onto stuff I actually like and enjoy and think have good elements to them, not mediocre and bad ones. And I’m not going to get through many chapters to finally get to the good ones like 800 chapters later. By the time that happens I’d want to kill myself because of the boredom.

Story: The story is very simple which is good for a long running shonen but is bland too I don’t care that luffy wants to be the number 1 pirate and it’s boring. It has many plot conveniences in the story and it’s very childish. The story focuses on uninteresting characters a lot and that makes it even more boring when you don’t care about the and want to see what’s happening with someone else and for there story to continue instead of some random character that was introduced late into the story (vivi) the albasta saga is what took the story to an all new low and it’s what made me drop this and is the definitely the worst out of everything but there are still other average or bad ones too. It has characters I don’t care about, plot conveniences, cringey comedy, the characters that I did think were ok, becoming even worse, by their actions or what they say, plot armor, and simply just childish uninteresting plot, on the surface you’d think it’d be interesting a rebellion but it barely focuses on that aspect makes the rebellion happen for an unrealistic and stupid reason, and I really don’t think I seen ONE person die I seen people fighting and blood and explosions but I don’t think I seen one person get shot and die or get stabbed to death, everything always works out in the end. This manga is for children and it’s not that hard to tell since the mangaka (Oda) based the story off his favorite children show when he was young. 4/10

Characters: They all have there own sob stories which takes away from each other since you know everyone has there own sob story that doesn’t relate or change them in anyway they have the backstory and that’s it there’s no real depth to these characters and since it’s a long running manga there’s no development either since that would move the story along to quick they all need to be stuck, frozen, in the same annoying personalities never changing always saying the same cringey, shitty jokes, and “cool” lines, and screaming when there friends are on the line (luffy). Even though no one important ever dies in this manga only background characters, that 60% of the time are still alive somehow so there’s no point of the characters being afraid or scared that there friend might die. Since I’d say even they know there never going to die since they have so much plot armor. Oda’s to afraid to kill someone off since he children fans would get upset if there favorite character got cut out of the story for progression, or for an actual impact on another character. 4/10

Art: The art is mostly good and gets better overtime this is probably the best quality of the manga, but still it’s held back by the style he chose which I don’t like and how he uses childish clothing for villains which are suppose to be ruthless KILLERS, two villains are literally about to blow up many people while wearing frog shoes I can’t take them seriously and it breaks my emersion, nearly the entire of B.W I can’t take seriously. 7/10

Enjoyment: I enjoyed moments of the story and thought it was interesting (at times) but overall the average plot, and poor writing, and characters ruined it for me and the nail in the coffin that made me drop this manga was DEFINITELY albasta saga, I can’t continue reading this. 6/10

Overall: This is an average manga/anime that excels in nothing and is just average all around with being worse in some things more than others. 5/10