Jan 11, 2020
jculture9318 (All reviews)
Stravaganza - Isai no Hime is a 'simple and straightforward' fantasy tale.

While it has nothing new to offer, it does work quite well for most parts. And it's probably because the series presents itself as just that - a simple fantasy tale.

For a series about an often-scantily-dressed princess, Stravaganza surprisingly has a lot of heart to it. If you are willing to look past some moments of naivety and absurd (ly well-drawn) fanservice, you will find many of its characters to be quite likeable.

(I personally enjoyed all those glorious uncensored tits, but if unnecessary fanservice kills your enjoyment of an otherwise interesting manga, this one is probably not for you.)

The manga also has a lot of great, and sometimes brutal, action sequences. All those panels are a real treat to look at. You can almost feel the powerful hits during some fights.

All in all, while it is no 'Lord of the rings ', Stravaganza is a fun-to-read fantasy adventure by its own right.