Jan 11, 2020
Reixaz (All reviews)
I seriously don't see why anyone (at least anyone with a right mindset) would come here to see a recommendation of this manga, but since no one's done a review yet, I'm gonna jump in as the stereotypical MAL user and take the unexistent pleasure of being the first one, so..., what of "Toaru Nichijou No Index San"?, it's a pretty wholesome and relaxing manga if you're a fan of the Toaru Series, I'm gonna be honest here, I'm always more interested in the slice of life/comedy/romance aspect of Toaru rather than the actual plot and action, I'm not trying to say that the story is boring or not well executed, it is, but the soft and fun side of Academy City strikes me far more, so if you're basically like me then I obviously recommend you this work, the artwork it's nothing special, with from little to zero detail in the background, and also keep in mind that it's considerably more moe-ish than what you see in other Toaru mangas or the anime adaptations, which to be fair, gives a more fitting atmosphere to the tone of the "story", well..., that's about it, wanna see more of Touma and Index'es struggles to bring food to the table?, wanna see more of Accelerator and Last Order's daily adorable fights?, and of course, wanna see more of Misaka's tsundere traits?, then ask no more and come here!