Jan 10, 2020
PersonaK (All reviews)
Let me get this clear: The protagonist is toxic. He's a stalker, a coward, a liar, he's gross and so on.. And for some reason, everybody (but the girl he likes) seems to fall in love with him (it's almost a harem at this point, uh). Irl I would be afraid and disgusted, but this is fictions and honestly? I kinda get used to this in animes/mangas. There are lots of popular mangas with worse main characters and more dysfunctional relationships.

That aside, I've read all released chapter, because:

-He slowly grows, really SLOWLY but he does. (I would say he starts to became a passable human been after 50 chap, maybe? Step by step he's becoming worthy of the main heroine as she's starting to fall in love with him, it's cute to see <3, if you have patience, I recommend)

-The other characters are funny enough. Mostly his friends ( that one who punches him is the best), the main heroine and the neighbor - Yaemori Mini.