Jan 10, 2020
ezra_aket (All reviews)
“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

Palepoli is a good example of what happens when someone tries to make something too different and unique: they end up with something that is most definitely irreplaceable because no one else would want to mimic it.

I understand that there are different styles of writing, but this just takes it way too far. Darker themes and artwork is fine, but almost every single page left me in utter disgust and repulsion. If the purpose was to poke fun and amuse the reader, then I cannot express just how miserably it failed.

Other works with mature themes usually have a meaningful purpose: teach a life lesson, draw empathy, etc. However, Palepoli has no purpose other than shocking the reader beyond comprehension in the most vividly vile way possible.

The one redeeming quality was the creativity in how the author structured his 4-koma's. Content aside, it was pretty cool how he set up each panel in relation to one another.

Other than that... no. If I could give a score below a 1, I would.