Jan 10, 2020
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I may be a little bit subjective giving this a 10 score, sorry I can't help it. I am a big fan of Rave. I love it how it kind of revives one of my favorite comics, which hardly has any sequel to it, unlike Fairy Tail which keeps getting more and more attention. I love FT and EZ too, but tbh I prefer Rave than the other two.

The story involves DB (let's keep it just that far so no spoilers), which is something I kind of miss seeing. The storyline wasn't something too long and so it concluded in 10 chapters and I like it that way. Although, I'd actually like to see some more action.

The art is also getting better and better and all the characters have their personalities on point. Tbh I was kind of expecting the traits to have been switched or forgotten but they weren't.

and the last scene that was added on made it interesting XD