Jan 10, 2020
Pleasant_pancake (All reviews)
Since there is no review of this manga, I would like to give my opinion.
I’d like to start saying that I really enjoyed this one, it was a very cute and fluffy little story. The score is only my most objective opinion.

Story: 6

The plot of this manga is very simple and straightforward. Monster girl meets cute girl, and they fall in love. The trick is that the cute girl, whose name is Lily Blind, is actually blind (who would have guessed), and so the monster girl, Heath, tries to hide her true nature, so she can have some company. It’s a one-volume story, so the relationship advances rather quickly. So it’s straightforward and a bit rushed, but overall well executed. It’s a very soft yuri, there’s only hugs and kisses, and they are only half naked in a bath scene, so if you’re searching for a more “intimate” manga, look elsewhere.

Art: 7

The art is also simple (the original story is from pixiv), but the two protagonists are represented very well, as well as their expressions. The manga that you can buy physically has improved drawing over the one you can find in pixiv, so that’s a plus.

Characters: 7

The two protagonists are relatable and work just fine for the objective of this manga. We have Heath, the monster girl, with fluffy ears, a horn, fins and a tail, that has isolated herself into the woods to avoid humans see her; and then there’s Lily, the cute and blind girl who “sees” Heath’s true beauty. Little by little Heath opens her hearts to Lily, and shows her real feelings. Not too much complex, but very compelling.

Enjoyment: 9

Reading this manga was a fun ride. I read in two days before going to bed, and it really helped me to relax and forget about my problems. I could feel the authors love in his work, and that is not something I find everyday. I’ll surely follow his next installments.

Overall: 7

So in conclusion, don’t give the score I gave too much importance. I recommend this manga to anyone looking for a beautiful love story, and I would really like it had more popularity, because it deserves it.