Jan 9, 2020
Cherry_Pixie (All reviews)
I was intrigued by the cover of the manga, and felt like this would be some cute couple doing cute things. Well, it is, but they added a hint of uniqueness. This is my first manga ever read, and I can say that I don't regret it. If I were to recommend this to my friends, I'd probably recommend it to the girls. Not gonna lie, I am a boy and there were countless times I somehow felt a romantic excitement towards a few scenes. The cuteness overload really killed the shit out of me.

The story centers Suiren Shibazeki as she walks by, boys turn due to her captivatingly cute looks. In elementary school, boys would tend to tease too much to her, to the point where she tried to avoid them, but then she decided to go to a girls-only school. Now she walks in a school filled with boys again, and she catches interest in one of the students, despite the student was the 1st one to not catch interest of her. By the time where she would be huddled by boys, the boy (Kamisuwa) then protected her and that's where their relationship blossom. I'd describe the story in one word. Unique, unlike the other manga, the manga who centers on stock-holme disorder was it-? It shows us nothing but how trouble pays you back. But Hibi Chouchou shows us a romance centering youth love, and countless of funny innocent moments we could adore. The art overall is simply the best compared to the ratings I gave. I couldn't say much about the character despite them having unique personalities and different roles. Overall I enjoyed this so much my heart would stop beating. I highly recommend you to read this, this would be perfect if you would like to hang out in a park or a friends house and you two both share the same interest in manga or anime, this is the gold.

Story: 7/10
Art: 10/10
Character: 8/10
Enjoyment: 9/10
Overall: 8.50/10
Overall Rounded: 9/10

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