Jan 9, 2020
Falcoish (All reviews)
For a big fan of corny and repetitive psychological horror manga, I was surprised to find that this manga kept me more tense and short of breath than any of them had in ages. After scrolling through the same old routine stories and stereotypes this manga is a breath of fresh air. It gave me a chance to actually immerse myself into a story and ACTIVELY read.
This review is completely subjective because this manga may not do this for you, but for me, this manga reintroduced me to a world of actual quality manga. Here's a more general idea of what is to be expected of the manga.
Though the art is something to get a little bit used to at first, it has an arguably iconic style. The art does almost all the characters justice with very basic shape language setting a tone befitting of each situation. Sometimes though, the more powerful moments are impeded by it's simpler art.
The best part of the manga is how it encompasses thriller mystery in a direct and effective way that other manga often skirts around. The plot builds up perfectly and the once one-dimensional characters evolve with it.
If you think you'd enjoy making 16 theories in the first few chapters, only to forget all of them in the lieu of the story, please check it out. It's a personal favourite.