Jan 3, 2020
Wicker_Senpai93 (All reviews)
Who doesn't like a nice vanilla hentai? I know I certainly do. 2019 had some ups and downs with regards to vanilla hentai. A lot of the releases were cheaply made and felt rather bland. But thankfully, it seems like 2019 was able to end on a high note.

Boku to Joi no Shinsatsu Nisshi The Animation (damn these long names), is an OVA by Pink Pineapple; a studio that has (in my opinion) been making a lot of underwhelming content recently. Needless to say, this OVA is above average for them.

I'll go over the story/scenario and characters very briefly. The main character is your standard, very bland hentai protagonist. He works at a hospital and has a crush on his superior. There's a bit of drama towards the end, but the story stays pretty basic. The MC's crush is named Ryou, and she's the best part of this OVA. She's very perverted and mischievous, which makes her a lot of fun to watch. There's also a nurse named Mio (who I think appears in another one of Pink Pineapple's OVAs), she mainly serves as the comedic relief.

The art is noticeably above average for Pink Pineapple, although the animation is still rather stiff. The characters (especially Ryou) are drawn very good. Hell, even the male lead looks good! The sex scenes are also well executed, though they're incredibly short. I don't want to spoil anything, but they're more creative than what I usually see in hentai, which makes it a shame they're so short. The voice actors also do a serviceable job, but nobody really stood out to me, they just sounded to generic.

Overall, Boku to Joi... something ... something, is a pretty good vanilla hentai. It has charming and attractive characters, creative sex scenes, and decent art. It's just a shame there's so little of it. 6.5/10

So, would I reccomend you watch this OVA? Well, unless you really don't like vanilla hentai, my answer is a solid yes!