Dec 7, 2010
Maz-Maz (All reviews)
A substitute teacher, Miss Jung, walks about being flirted with by her students because she's a teacher, their teacher more specifically, that shows more skin than a respectable hoe. Honestly, she looks no older than her students and she's as hard-headed as a rock (she's sloooow). So, you've got a perverted, has-weird-taste student called Ryu Min who says a bunch of one-liners to his Teach (Miss Jung) but while all this is happening; Jung's friend from college that has had a crush on her since... Well, since college, wants to have her for his girlfriend.

An obvious love triangle. The AGONY!

If anything, it's about a person who ruins and breaks up a pretty nice family, how do you like them apples, huh?

The characters were not realistic, their emotions were not consistent and yes, I just didn't like them. While the futile love triangle was going on, there were serial killer lines going around like: 'I'm always watching you'...

*Cue dramatic violin playing*

Did I mention that Ryu Min is filthy rich, (which must mean like in any story) he has family problems and (following the tradition of rich folks in Manga's, Manhwa's and the seven other different ways to spell the same thing) he lives by himself. And has a convenient hoe to boot.
Fits the criteria of a love-triangle character, amirite?

Plus, the ending was horrible. There I said it.

The illustrations were almost emotionless and were inconsistent throughout the chapters, forget about the volumes. They were too...
Special effects too...

You could be blinded by the special effects; with sparkly sparkles, flowers and overemphasized body parts galore: WARNING!!! Eye-twitching may be fatal.

Truthfully, the illustrations lacked features, details and the ability to make obvious what gender the characters were.
It was girly and did nothing to add to the Manhwa and may have actually taken away from it. Where the illustrator could have added another dimension to the story, they had failed and created eye-melting, hollow pictures.

Overall, the Manhwa was lukewarm. It had lukewarm characters, a lukewarm plot, lukewarm (awkward and lacking) illustrations and puts the readers in a lukewarm (bored) mood.

Beautiful Fascination is (surprisingly) WORSE Than Love.

Immediately, the reader will notice that there is something missing in this Manhwa; maybe depth, maybe consistency but there is definitely something missing.

ADVICE: You WILL need a psychiatrist after reading this.

All in all, a lukewarm thumbs down.