Jan 2, 2020
Traxdize (All reviews)
I'm just gonna be honest that the story is lackluster. The pacing is weird. They don't show full battles. I feel like that the full story in Vanguard is told by cardfights. The dialogues just lack appeal. At least this version of the story did Kourin some justice. The art is marvelously terrible. The whole series just seems meme quality. Especially Ibuki's expressions. Like I mean, the Opening and Ending seemed to have more budget than the whole show. RAS Opening gave this show rating a little boost. SFX stills stay consistent through the whole story. Voice Acting is the same as always. Well apart from Kai being kinda mellow and Morikawa being a good captain, the characters are still pretty much the same. Although Ibuki is swag as always. As I said, they didn't show full cardfights. That's the main charm of Vanguard. It tells the story by cardfighting. Overall, this is pretty bad.