Dec 29, 2019
dlxuniuniu (All reviews)
If you haven't seen the first part of Opantsu, you should definitely watch it first before continuing with this sequel. Because to process all of this, you have to seen the whole thing.

The title in English (at least in contrast to the Japanese title we understand it all) says it all: "I Want You To Make a Disgusted Face and Show Me Your Underwear 2". With a 200 IQ you can perhaps think about what this short anime is about. CORRECT! You can see the underwear of different women (don't worry almost all of them are over 18) and during that they make a disgusted face and look down at you as you were the last scum (which is of course true). Why does it look so real? Because it's in the POV perspective. You can see the underpants from the perspective of the MC, as he also sees it.

Regarding the story, I mentioned above that this is very complicated to understand and therefore you have to have seen the first part. That's not entirely true ... the six small episodes, each with a little bit more than 4 minutes, have nothing to do with each other. There is no connection between them. Every time there is a new location and a new lady who has a different job. No matter whether saleswoman, nuns or even your own sister, we always want to see their underpants. So you can theoretically start with the last episode and you wouldn't notice a difference. Every time you see the panties from the perspective of another MC (or even the same MC ?! Who knows ... after all, you only see the woman, not the cultured man himself).

Fascinating, new, revolutionary. The panties can be seen like they were real. And the faces of women are almost creepier than real ones (just kidding, real 3D one's cannot be surpassed). The facial expressions look perfect. First the nice smile of a woman and then this submissive look. Like in real life, when you get shit on by your mother, if you don't put your laundry in the laundry basket. The same look.

The ending sound on each episode is so good that you forget it immediately afterwards. There is no text. You feel like it's good old department store music. No difference.

Definitely the most important by far. I only came up with Opantsu because someone recommended it to me since I am a fan of "One Room". When I saw the first part, I just thought: "What's wrong with all the people who like this???" But little by little with the time and the now finished second part, I realized why it is a masterpiece. To be honest, I can't really explain it and there is certainly no rational explanation for it. You just have to take this step yourself and be cultured enough. I mean you can see panties. That alone is a big plus. It is up to you whether you are a fan of the derogatory look. To be honest, I'm usually not, but there are always exceptions, as is well known.

In summary, you can see seven (!!! NO NOT ONLY SIX, although there are only six episodes) panties. And you see the disgusted faces of women. What more do you want???
The only question you have to ask yourself is: When season 3???