Dec 25, 2019
Voyager70 (All reviews)
I've only watched the first 3 episodes so far plus part 1, but honestly I don't see a reason not to write a review already since the concept of each episode is always the same. You've seen one, you've seen them all.

Story 1/10
There is no story. The self-insert mc pressures a bunch of nice girls, who are either just doing their jobs or things out of good will for the mc, into flashing their panties resorting to using their own favours as excuses for payback , or straight up abuse of power. And for some reason, the girls always go for it despite not wanting to, even if they can always just leave? Which makes all the episodes predictable and pretty much the same.

Art 1/10
Art is as run of the mill as you can, if not a bit ugly.

Sound 1/10
Sound is always a single song playing in the background, and some girl screeching at you.

Characters 1/10
Characters have no personality. They're nothing and everything at the same time, just to fufill the fetish checklist, I guess.
Your self-insert mc of the day is this supposedly alpha wannabe that expresses himself silently because it's more convenient for you to imagine what cool and persuasive shit he says based on how the girls react to it rather than to actually write convincing dialogue.

Enjoyment 1/10
There was no enjoyment, I was embarrassed not only for the girls but also for whoever actually faps to something like this. And man, that classic teacher-student pedo dynamic with twins no less, love it every time. Not awkward at all.

Overall 1/10
Overall it's empty fetish garbage, it's an embarrassment to watch. I honestly recoiled with cringe at every episode.