Dec 25, 2019
YeeYeeAss (All reviews)
This show is so fucking good. The characters are great and the story is oddly dark.

There are many anime with animal characters like Aggretsuko. But none of those anime inspect the food portion of the world. What do they eat? In this universe Carnivores and Herbivores live in peace. Only problem is that carnivores crave meat but they need to eat the same food as herbivores. Sometimes their carnivore instincts take over and they eat a herbivore. They also have somewhat of a clever solution for this problem and it is THE BLACK MARKET. There you can buy meat. But it will have side effects.

There are few important characters: Legosi is the main character whose life we follow. Legosi is this awkward wolf who has troubles keeping his instincts inside him. Then we have Louis. Louis is this deer and a candidate for the next Beastar. He is in the same club as Legosi. He is also the most famous student in the school. He is respected by both Herbivores and Carnivores. Then we have Haru. Haru is a rabbit and also the main love interest of this show. Haru is also rumored to be sleeping with multiple guys. Haru is a fun and sweet character. She must be protected. Gouhin is the black markets therapist. He is a panda and a badass. Jack is a golden retriever and Legosis best friend. He has known him since childhood. Jack is a good boy.

The OST is fucking good. The opening is catchy as hell. The ending changes every episode which is cool. The background music is very fitting and greatly chosen for each scene.

For some stupid reason when all the characters speak to each other it feels more natural than any other anime. It really does feel like they were talking and randomly the mic was still on.

I have no idea what the story is supposed to be about. I think its just about becoming a Beastar. Even though its more of a battle manga right now. The main theme is still becoming a beastar but for some while it was saving haru from the shinshigumi which is a gang of lions.

Many may look at this show and think oh it is a filthy furry anime but it is some much more than that. The story and characters are all good. Also some may be turned off by the cgi but in this show the animation is supreme. Orange is one rare studio that can use cgi well.

Do I recommend this anime? Hell yes. It is an amazing series.