Dec 3, 2010
Hanaji (All reviews)
I'd have to tell you one thing, Finishing this anime made me feel like I finished Lupin III and the Castle of Cagliostro all over again, and that actually says much, considering the fact that overall, I consider Lupin III and the Castle of Cagliostro the best anime I've ever seen.

It all starts with Prof. Layton and sidekick Luke being invited to an opera by a very important person who happens to be a former acquaintance of Prof. Layton, Seeing that this is a Layton movie, Things suddenly go awry the moment the whole performance is finished, puzzles ensue.

The score, as heard on all the Prof.Layton games, is astoundingly staggering and the art makes you feel like you're watching a show that's done by Studio Ghibli, it may rely a bit on CG, but it actually goes quite well with everything.

Regardless, I'm disappointed that they didn't release this in cinemas throughout the US, It had the potential to outsell Ponyo. If you want an anime that will make you feel that excitement you once experienced back when you were a kid, this is the anime you're looking for.