Dec 22, 2019
AstralBread (All reviews)
“At almost no point in that story did I feel any sympathy for you.”

What I expected - Aggretsuko, male version. What I got - an unholy abomination made out of the body parts of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Bojack Horseman, and Happy Tree Friends.

The eclectic nature of this show is most visible in its animation - one third traditional drawings, one third ugly-cute motion capture (the PV of the voice actors in facepaint posing for reference photos is what made me watch this in the first place), and one third surreal animation disasters reminiscent of the early 00s Newgrounds flash animations.

“Surreal” is also the most suitable word to describe the comedy of this show. For example, many jokes rely on the contrast between the modern society veneer and the animal nature of the characters, but the exact degree of anthropomorphism is absurd and ill-defined. You’ve got your walking, talking, suit-wearing animals who go to work to have their watercooler conversations, and you’ve got non-talking animals kept as pets… but those also walk on two feet and wear clothes, and others can’t tell “pets” and “humans” apart. Those jokes didn’t really make me burst into laughter, but I was constantly kept in a state of anticipation, having no clue wtf would happen next. That’s not to imply the jokes are just “lol, random” - they are inherent to a story, have a structure and a point. Some of the better ones are elaborately set up over multiple scenes during an episode.

7/10 for an anime that consciously tries to be “different”.