Dec 1, 2010
XiaoYami (All reviews)
I personally love ''To LOVE-Ru'' and the new Motto To LOVE-Ru. In the first season it's a story about the girl called Lala, which apparently met Yuuki Rito in the washroom. Lala wants to get married to Yuuki due to his kindness from saving her multiple times. However, Motto To LOVE-Ru gets more interesting. They add numerous random scenes per episode. It really isn't a story that relates to each episode, but it's a different way of telling the story. I'm reading the manga on a daily basic. So far it kind of matches up, but not a lot. I recommend this type of anime to people that like ecchi, romance, and comedy.

Story (8/10)
Each story has a new problem towards nearly all the characters in the story. The story is getting more into the comedy section, such as when Yuuki is turned into a dog, because Lala inventions. He also had to lick every part of Haruna's body, because Haruna's dog said so! (cough even a dog is perverted). Yuuki in season two is more developed and more mature then he was in season one. Yuuki quoted, ''The most important thing is not the outside, but the inside''. (Cough that's what she said xD), sounds wrong at first but he is more kind, and generous towards the girls now in season two. I also like how Golden Darkness or (aka) Yami! is developing feelings toward Yuuki. Even though she has a mission to kill him, she is seeing how good of a person Yuuki is. Overall the story is made for comedy, so far not a lot of intense or serious episodes/scenes. So far I'm more interested how the relationship between Yuuki and Lala develops.
-Yami Forever!-

Art (9/10)
The art was a lot better then the first season when i compared both. The color and the design was nearly perfect, except for the white blocking. The white blocking or white flash is used for blocking the parts of the story where its too Ecchi or perverted. If they could take out that white flash, then i would of gave the art 10/10, and it would make a lot of people happy. Overall i though art was well done.

Character (10/10)
Most characters in season one changed either physically or mentally. Lala is getting more out of hands, using her inventions and making them. Yami is now not that aggressive as she was in season one. She is more kind and is trying new things, also Yami is maybe.. Liking Yuuki to a certain degree. I think Yami has a crush on Yuuki Rito, because she usually blushes when shes near him or when his helping her. Haruna and Yui is developing feeling for Yuuki. Such as, when Yui was sick, Yuuki came to deliver some paperwork, but there stay was longer then expected. Haruna is showing more that she likes Yuuki, but she really hasn't confess to him yet in season two. Overall i like how the characters are much different from season one, but not too different. They added some changes that i personally love.

Enjoyment (10/10)
I enjoyed season one, but season two is where the action and comedy steps in. It makes me laugh much more then usually, also there is more ecchi scenes in season two which adds some kick! I'm also enjoying how each character is starting to develop a feeling towards Yuuki Rito. I personally enjoyed the first eight episodes so far and hope it gets better forward. Why i watch Motto To LOVE-Ru is because of Golden Darkness/Yami, because shes so CUTE! and starting to have feelings toward Yuuki!.

My Dislikes and Cons
My dislikes for Motto to LOVE-Ru is waiting for the new episodes.

I hope you enjoy this review :)