Dec 14, 2019
Babylon (Anime) add (All reviews)
Gr1m_r3aP3r (All reviews)
This show has become probably one of the best shows this season, similar to Erased 2016. Yet this show has not been recogised very much(as of writing this review).

This show plays with your morals, similar in ways that other anime do, yet still differently. It is an amazing show with an amazing plot. Morality is not black and white- there is grey, especially when law is mixed in along with the morals of various people with various backgrounds.
The plot is psychological at its core, and it can take a bit to watch the episodes and understand them completely. While it is not a horror it feels as if can delve into the horror genre at times. It can turn fairly dark and still have moments of rest when you can feel at peace among everything that's happening.
It has a fair sized cast of characters, which are all introduced at a good pace, yet can still be slightly difficult to keep up with sometimes. the characters are normal- that is to say they are not uninteresting, they have different personalities- however without being too eccentric. It hits a good balance with each character. Characters having seperate stances on matters allowing the viewer to experience their views as well- adding to the experience. The main character is someone who can keep calm during situations, and give responses to matters that the viewer could also agree with.

The animation is very pleasing to the eye, with CG being kept to a minimum- most likely due to the lack of action. It keeps the body proportions of each person fairly normal, without making anyone too strange. The animation has a satisfying feel to it with motion being fluid and uninterrupted.

The sound design is fine, it is there when it needs to be, without being too overbearing or annoying, yet it doesnt particularly add to the experience.

To conclude the show is amazing in its own right, with its plot being able to get inside your head as well feel the character's emotions.
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