Dec 14, 2019
Nicholaevich (All reviews)
I love the Flea Waltz, but my god this thing sucks. It looks like a student film, and by student I mean an elementary school student. I made a little animation of a flower growing in about 10 minutes in a video production class I took back in high school and I swear it looked way better than this. And the worst part is you can tell how lazy the creators were. Notice that the cat’s head, legs, and tail aren’t attached to the body. That’s so they can just move those around instead of actually having to redraw the entire cat every time. Not that it’s impossible for that sort of technique to look good (it totally can), but here it just screams “fuck it let’s slap something together in about 5 seconds, those stupid kids’ll will never notice.” Except they never expected that I, a grown ass man, would be there 50 years later to call them out on being lazy hacks. God damn I am so cool.