Dec 14, 2019
PeterFromRussia (All reviews)
Cooler has barely survived his fight with Goku resulting in him getting launched off to sun and now by help of Big Gete Star he's been reborned as Metal Cooler and is attacking New Namek instead of attacking earth for some reason. Will Goku and Z fighters stop him in this epic battle or will they need Vegeta to use Instant Transmission to save the day as he usual... wait, what? Vegeta? Instant Transmission? How did Vegeta get there?

Ok joking's over, to the business now...

DBZ Movie 6: Return of Cooler is non-canon movie, meaning it's anime original and never happenned in manga.

My positives from the movie:
1, Metal Cooler looks cool
2, Fighting fanservice
3, DBZ art style and music coat.

My negatives from the movie:
1, The fact Cooler has survived sun's heat head on is absurd, if you consider how Frieza looked after Namek's explosion.
2, This movie is about fighing only, there's no interesting addition to Cooler persona, basically his purpose is same from previous movie: Frieza vibes plus Darth Vader vibes.
3, Vegeta appearing out of nowhere is a big plot hole.
4, Big Gete Star, personally not a fan of this plot device.

For me, Return of Cooler is worse than Revenge of Cooler, as it doesn't take any time to anyhow develop Cooler, instead they give us fanservice and that's just not enough for me.

I've rated Revenge of Cooler 6/10 and since I think Return of Cooler is worse, I give it 5/10. I guess you can try this movie, I did enjoyed fighting, but I can't really recommend it to you as it's just mediocre and fighting scenes won't save it's score.