Dec 12, 2019
MLPFan053 (All reviews)
Compared to the 1969 and 1988 versions of the anime, THIS particular remake is LESS of an improvement than those two.

Made primarily using early digital animation, THIS remake series is NOT a very good one. The production quality has not aged well with time. At least, when you compared the art style to that of the 1960s version of it.

I watched a few RAW versions of episodes that i could find online and i gotta say that i had found it okay. At least, by the standards of animes that aired around the late 1990s.

But Japanese audiences seemed to have harsher opinions of THIS series with regards of how cheap it looked. According to related online sources, merchandise sales were pretty ABYSMAL and considered as DEAD ON ARRIVAL.

Combination of LOW related toy sales and POOR TV ratings had led to the series being cancelled within LESS than 1 year as well as NO theatrical movies released unlike the previous versions where the 1969 version had ONE movie whereas the 1988 version had TWO movies.

Yikes.....Poor 1998 Akko-chan......At least, your outfit was.....cute.....kind of.....sort of......

Do you want a hug from me to comfort you for this unfortunate failure ?