Dec 12, 2019
Yodelman (All reviews)
Please someone explain to me what this anime was about. All I gathered was that some dudes attained artificial godhood and got mad about some shit so they decided to run around terrorizing high schoolers, then a bunch of high school thugs all fought each other, then a cute girl gets cut in half and a dark matter dude makes cripplebro angry, then Europeans start fighting over a sword, then there's an anime adaption of the first Die Hard movie except for some reason an angel shows up, then some asshats declare World War III so everyone goes to Russia, then the main character's roommate is mind controlled into doing evil magic stuff, then someone becomes an angel and an old character comes back as a Super Saiyan angel to fight her, then cripplebro has a decent fight with the main character, then he turns into an angel too, then gets captured by villians off screen, then the main character defeats the bad guy and World War III ends and none of it made any sense and it was like watching a slideshow.

I think I was supposed to read the light novels. At least that second opening was good.