Dec 12, 2019
Moomochi (All reviews)
Out of 100 Nobles watching…
100 were impressed!

I feel like lately I’ve been giving rather high scores to a lot of things, but I only rate how I feel and I really only do this for me so whatever. Mob Psycho is incredible. It’s a tantamount example of the kind of expression and style you can get in an anime adaptation. If there was any doubt in that I’d refer you to the original manga and the Netflix live adaptation of this series for comparison. Animation is a medium that provides so much creative freedom that can’t be replicated elsewhere.

The overall plot seems a little reminiscent to One Punch Man. The story is about yet another absolutely unbeatably overpowered protagonist the likes we’ve gotten a whole lot of during the 2010’s. There’s a bit of a fresh twist this time. Out protagonist Mob is a good boy who doesn’t want to use his powers to hurt people, and that kind of character motivation opens up a lot room for good story telling and character growth when he’s inevitably put into tough situations.

The music was pretty fire as well, the OP was an absolute banger and worth a listen every episode, and the Buddhist and south Asian influenced music for background themes and even fights set the right mood for this oddball show making moments feel appropriately alien. I don’t know if it’s like a racist thing to use Indian instruments in every scene involving a shady character or a conman, but it’s a recognizable trope in a lot of Japanese media (Redd from Animal Crossing/Merchants in Zelda) and it’s a trope that works.

The animation looks incredible and expressive and takes the weird stylization of the original manga and pushes the limits of ridiculousness. This show is really what I like to think of as a pleb filter. If you have a single artistically inclined bone in your body you will like this show. If you did not like this show or thought the animation was “ugly” you’re wrong and your opinions are wrong. What studio Bones has done here is nothing short of a miracle in our modern anime era and if you don’t like it than you’re the toxic sludge that’s putrefying the industry, and that’s all I really have to say about that.

Disclaimer! – “Anime is a medium not a genre, there’s something for everyone and if you did not like this show that’s totally your right, you’re not actually a bad person. Okay? Thanks, love you, bye!”