Dec 12, 2019
EnigmaOlivia (All reviews)
Arrested Development:

Today My Hero Academia still holds insane popularity among not only the anime community but at a continental scale. As not only is it skyrocketing in Japan but across the west. In the early 2000s US manga sales weren’t making a large impact on the market but now sales with graphic novels are dominating. On many prolific anime magazines and articles the series holds itself and characters among top tens and twenties lists. On Tumblr the anime is at the highest among posts. In other words, My Hero Academia is a very popular series. However, why is this type of series so popular? Well when we look at the demographics of who is watching we can figure it out.

The reason why shounen anime, & hero stories, are so popular especially among the west is because adults have decided to permanently live in adolescence. The west is overrun by man babies regressing back to childhood. The tremendous impact and popularity of shounen and superheroes on Western & Asian culture is embarrassing and worrying. While it’s audience should be aimed at thirteen year olds instead its massive audience is adult men and women. My hero academia is a show mass marketed for adults who do not want to outgrow their childhood. My hero’s popularity only reflects the arrested development state of the west. If you are an adult and still enjoy shounen or super hero stories to a large degree it’s time to seek counseling. Now there are considerations if a movie or show is well thought out, engaging, more than its genre, & If it's closer to a Seinen. However, shows that are vapid, stick to childish ideals, and have weak plots are brainwashing/pitiful. My Hero Academia is a dishonorable show that brings shame amongst anime and reflects how adulthood is truly lost amongst its fans.

Anyways, I will continue my review of this series because it’s important to have critics point the flaws in what’s popular because it directly reflects the culture. Why is current culture into pathetic sappy crybabies. Why are side characters fanboys. Why any deeper retrospect is left at the doorstep. It’s important for critics to be honest and not lie for viewership, money, and kinship. Unfortunately, many fans have been lied to, and manipulated by prolific reviewers off this site and especially youtube. Many of them live in a constant state of Alice and wonderland la la land. Thus, creating this series to be bigger than what it is. Proclaiming it’s a masterpiece of all things and that the writer is “brilliant” when in reality the show is atrocious, boring, generic, and worthless.

The new season opens up with the lead, Izuku Midoriya, looking for a new hero internship. Midoriya finds curiosity in season three character Mirio Togata who later is revealed to be the first and only consideration as All Mights successor. However, before the plot we get filler featuring a reporter trying to investigate who All Might’s successor is and easily deciphers its Midoriya without any detective skills utilized. Perhaps this is a hint at what’s to come as during this ENTIRE season characters easily figure out the right things at the right times with no skills nor planning required. Then again its not like this is foreign from the other seasons. As prized pony bitch Deku always gets what he wants with no effort nor struggle required.

After filler Midoriya interns with Mirio’s mentor Sir Nighteye who was All Might’s previous side-kick. Sir Nighteye allows Midoriya to join even though he didn’t pass expectations he just simply tried "hard enough". Further putting out bad messages to children and the many adults who watch, that life will always work in their favor. Deku being rewarded through minimal/no effort? Let's all pretend to be shocked.

The following episodes set up the "conflict" this arc will feature through a “new” villain Chisaki. Chisaki is the same as that other freak; Obsessed with kids, kidnaps, wants to destroy heroes, same destruction quirk, etc. However, this time the show allows a character to kill someone as he demolishes a random transvestite character. Heartbreaking? Why should an audience be moved, or threatened, by a character killed who was never properly introduced nor had any personality whatsoever?! Also now the villains are threatening after sixty episodes? How? I don't see any of the leads in danger per usual and nobody cared about the tranny so its pointless! Its fake tension for the naive fans!

Speaking of tension the "stakes" are as illusionary as ever as yet again the plot constantly rewards the leads without effort. For example: Midoriya and Mirio find the main villain of the arc randomly and discover his hideout by chance. What are the odds? I would assume a show about investigating a "major" villain would have planning and detective skills. That the writer would carefully demonstrate this. All this does to a show is make it loose credibility and respect, which is what My Hero Academia lost since episode 1 season 1. As this show continually has deus ex machinas, ridiculous coincidences, and gives special privileges to characters who don’t deserve them by any conceivable measure.

Mirio is the only character in this show who worked hard through difficult circumstances. Mirio had to struggle to get his quirk to be threatening, had no favors from higher ups, remained positive while being bullied, and encouraged others. Yet this season, such a promising character like Mirio has everything taken away! Only to have the bitch Deku K.O. the villain with no plan no charisma no intelligence whatsoever its all through a damn loli helped punch! Mirio, the only deserving hero of the story loses his quirk, master, etc. whilst little bitch Izuku gets all the fame and glory yet again. Imagine working hard your entire life with no help to lose to a crybaby bitch who got everything in his life by doing jack shit. Mirio literally gets Rock Lee’d outta the story! Fuck this series!!! Deku truly is one of the worst characters.

This season has the most horrendous writing I’ve ever witnessed. The writing has no depth only vapid dialogue, 'I'm going to save you!' and other generic trash! There is an episode where all the characters sit around at a table talking and thinking about the same thing. I mean you cannot make this shit up if you tried! There are no disagreements or discussions of strategy from the adult characters only agreement in allowing CHILDREN to fight proven serial killers. I mean what a disgrace! he surrounding characters are around to continually serve the circumstantial plot, be used for ridiculous melodrama, & remain stalemated. Compared to other shounen anime, this show is a shameless mess!

THE FLASHBACKS ARE OVER 9000!!! Seriously the series has flashbacks within flashbacks to solidify the runtime slot. Its sickening how boring and worthless this show is and this season proves to be the worst yet! How is that possible!?! Kirishima has an over five minute flashback during a fight to only lose easily. WTF?! In fact all the characters have flashbacks during fights about their childhoods. Do we really need to see a characters childhood during a dangerous fight? Why should this make us hyped it SUCKS!!

I see characters who were never fleshed out suddenly utilized this season for manipulative melodrama. Example: Kirishima is all of a sudden amazing when last season he was a horrible student who failed exams. It’s astounding how we’re supposed to invest in these characters who are presented as vapid, boring, contrived, and have no goals outside ones similar to the leads. Kirishima has a random backstory with Mina when they never even interacted!? I don’t see how an audience could believe in a past bond when it came out of nowhere! All this leads me to believe is the author doesn’t care about side characters as he only uses them for opportune moments to bait audience sympathy. Cry Monkeys, Cry!

So, forget inspiring story, unique characters, clever creativity, or passionate dreams, this is all about screaming and crying over cheap melodrama. This is a bad children’s series who grown men and women vehemently defend. It has no profound messages or helpful advice to the viewers watchin. It only pushes harmful fantasies that will negatively affect viewers mindsets.

The animation from this season is one of the worst published. Animated scenes are either shown behind grayish walls or ugly dark colors. The lip movements are sloppy and weird. There are countless moments where 3D animation looks deranged and nightmare inducing. Its so lazy as the backdrops looks like copy and pasted CGI its terrible.

The melodrama was forced more than ever. Giving us these insane horrible flashbacks. There is one character, Tamaki, who gets a flashback about being shy in grade-school. That somehow we should feel fired up because he was shy when he was a kid?!?! WHAT?! How pathetic is this series!? Where are the anime characters who are confident and not pussies like these ones! What a shame, modern shounen anime is completely dead.

The messages in my hero academia are harmful promoting laziness and entitlement. When really life owes us nothing! You can't just, “try hard enough! Wahhh” you need a brain and skills which this series lacks completely!!!! Especially Deku. Deku is the absolute worst protagonist in anime history!
See my season three review for the defined misgivings I have with this absolute scum of a character.

Speaking of Shounen most people watch it specifically for the fights, but the fights in my hero academia are executed horrible in every way! The fights have no strategy, no execution, no art, it's simply punching or kicking an opponent to victory. In HxH, Dragon Ball, Naruto, and YYH characters are given time to think of strategies and present the audiences with ways to win by using intelligence. Those anime gave us fights that were well thought out, respectfully crafted, memorable, and engaging. However, My hero academia is the lowest of low when giving unique or even decent fights. They're boring, pathetic, contrived and tiresome. Never once have I been hyped for a fight in this terrible series. I literally have no clue why fans would proclaim otherwise.

Overall, this show is trash. A complete and utter waste of time. Its only worth is for those who have insomnia as it will make you pass out ASAP. This show is for adults who are in a constant state of arrested development. It’s for those who want to be pampered and complain about first world problems. In other words, pussies who could never watch greatness to any degree. They could never idolize nor compare to great characters like Yusuke, Char, Reinhard, Yang, Guts, Kenshiro, Cobra, Lupin. If anyone likes My Hero Academia stop it. Especially adults...any adults watching this should be ashamed. Grow up and watch quality non-escapism series. Stop supporting this garbage!