Dec 10, 2019
weebdeep (All reviews)
I would like to begin by saying that I have watched too many anime by now and I have reached a point where I have to either dig very deeply to find another gem or wait for new anime to come out. This anime was one of those that I began to watch only because I was out of anime and quite frankly I was bored, so I said why not.

I kind of regret giving it my time, in all honesty. I'll explain everything to you in a second. Until now, I have watched 9 episodes and I am not excited or whatsoever about what's to come next.

Plot (5):
This story had so much potential and I mean it. It had the possibility to have been developed well, with the ability to truly enchant the audience. Instead, it is lackluster because of how they decided to develop the storyline. From beginning to end, something has been missing and they have been either forcing their way through with information and help the viewer or leaving us completely confused. Personally, it felt like they are giving us chunks of information and simply mashing them together whilst trying to make it seem intentional. The MCs are truly disappointing for the fact that they are generic and their chemistry is as forced and weird as it could get. Their relationship with each other began weirdly and is progressing just like the start. Take into account that we were never given a solid reason as to why the MC decided to toss away his mission for the girl. We lack a convincing backstory that can truly justify those actions. This anime doesn't even push you to be connected with anyone, but I'll explain this in another section.

Art (7):
Not horrible, but the fight scenes need work. This anime is the perfect example of the anime that tries to push the sales of the manga. The last sentence is enough to make you understand what I mean,

Sound (5):
Nothing blew me away. Considering the masterpieces that other animes have given us, this show has not given us anything.

Characters (5):
As mentioned before, if a story is not well developed, then so will its characters because they won't have any foundation on where to stick to. Relationships are poorly explained or developed, making it seem as if everything happens just because. I know that most people watching this anime should be of the ages 12-15 because that seems to be the target audience from the relationship between 13 years old and a grown-ass man. If any of you find that enjoyable, you are either too young or you have questionable taste.

Enjoyment (6):
I answered this not from my own perspective because I would have said a 4. But I do see why people would find it enjoyable. It is a plot that never fails to be somewhat entertaining and the overpowered MC and just-discovered-strong-lead will forever be a great push for the interest of the viewer.

Overall (5):
Anyone who has been watching anime for a long time and wants another gem, this just ain't it. But if you are getting started, I do recommend this anime.