Dec 10, 2019
mushimk (All reviews)
Such a disappointment. But truth to be told, this is as much a disappointment as this anime had potential, a real potential. The story is enticing, with a carefully crafted scenario toward magic that gives something almost new to consider.
Unfortunately, the anime in its whole is lacking in its execution : the characters are undevelopped (quite boring, in fact), the art is just average but the worst of it comes with the rhythm : This anime is absolutely unable to reach a peak, or reaching a climax for the most spectacular scenes and situations that its story provides, which crush every bit of excitement that was born from it. And that makes each episodes fall flat, every time.
Such a disappointment, really. To be fair, if you have nothing more exciting to watch lately, maybe you should give Rental Magic a chance, but I still think this anime should have a modern remake, as long as it could grant this anime the heights that it honestly deserves.