Dec 9, 2019
sn0w (All reviews)
Writing this basic, straight-forward review because people tend to discourage me from watching an anime that I actually might end up watching and enjoying with their negative reviews and the scores.

First off, always give an anime a try despite what other people think or feel about it. Who knows, you just might end up liking it. If not, you can always drop it.

My reviews are for the sub versions only. (Sorry dubbers.)

5-toubun no Hanayome hits a lot of the requirements for your typical harem. The story was average, nothing much to say that the Synopsis hasn't already; nothing special, but nothing bad either. There are little moments/back story in the plot that will probably get you excited as it's revealed to the viewer and not the characters.

There's nothing worse than a voice that doesn't suite the appearance/personality of a character, however, this was not an issue at all. The characters range from different unique personalities and their accompanied voice actor and actresses suites them well. To me, the main character wasn't very masculine, but he does have his moments, so I'll give him that.

The opening and ending songs for me weren't anything special, nothing catchy and I found myself skipping them most of the time when I wasn't too lazy to get up to use my computer. Nothing bad, but really basic. The overall ambient background music wasn't average--in some cases was a good choice for the mood.

Overall, this is your basic type harem with a few twists here and there, accompanied by a different plot. Nothing crazy but nothing bad either. Give it a shot if you like harems you'll enjoy it at the very least, like I did.