Mar 18, 2008
staindwing (All reviews)
How to describe Peach Girl....

In a word; forgettable.

The story is completely over-the-top melodrama, filled with plot-twists that even soap-writers would find unrealistic. girl(momo) has history with guy A(touji), girl's friend(sae) is out to sabotage her life at every bend, girl meets guy B(kairi), guy B chases girl...who is in love with guy A...while girl's "friend" continues to try and sabotage her life. Cliche angsty love-triangle ensues, rinse and repeat.

There is literally nothing in this story that you either haven't seen done (better) before, beyond the wacky twists that are hardly believable in the realm of reality.

The art style, while somewhat unique, comes off at times as tacky and borderline visual novel-esque.

The soundtrack was limited and overused

The characters were (mostly) annoying and hard to connect with.

I have a soft spot in me for romantic animes, I really do. Prior to Peach Girl, I watched Bokura Ga Ita and was completely caught up by its story/characters/music/art/etc.

I've seen Peach Girl compared to Bokura Ga Ita(and Nana?) and for the life of me I can not understand why. Beyond love + drama + young adults....there is just no comparison between them.

I give it a 4 made me laugh a bit, but for the most part...with every episode, I was just wishing it was over.