Dec 8, 2019
PeterFromRussia (All reviews)
DBZ movie 5: Revenge of Cooler is about Cooler, Frieza's brother, who's come to the earth to have his revenge against Goku for killing his brother, but more importantly to restore his family pride. This movie is 'non-canon', meaning it's anime original and Cooler doesn't appear in DB manga.

Let's get into the review.

My Positives:
1, DBZ art style and music coat.
2, Good fighting sequences
3, Goku's and Cooler fight is good

My Negatives:
1, Being brother of the arguably best villain in DB universe gives quite the anticipation, Cooler doesn't live up to it, he's more composed and calculated version of Frieza, but in every other aspect he falls below his brother. 48 minute movie cannot possibly create villain that would rival Frieza. Basically he's there only to give Goku a good fight and to give us some Frieza vibes.
2, Gohan: His purpose in Revenge of Cooler is to simply be cause of Goku's wound in order to prolong this movie length.

In my opinion Revenge of Cooler has really good fighting sequences (mainly, because lot of them were used in DBZ), but it's story and characters entertainment is really mediocre.

I give it 6/10. I don't dislike this movie, but I think it's just mediocre. I can recommend you to try this movie at least once, but I cannot tell that you'll like Revenge of Cooler.