Dec 7, 2019
CY_B0T (All reviews)
[the review contains the review for whole monogatari series too]

This is the best end there could be.The makers did not go far off the plot and made the end of monogatri series in just perfect amount of episodes.Though some of the previous parts weren't that enjoyable , most of the monogatri series was.The waifus in this show are loaded and they are just *muuuuuuha*.The story is almost perfectly synced with the previous and gives us a very little to complain.This series is one of the only few anime I gave 10/10 rating as it was the perfect ending to a series I have ever seen.Most people don't like the monogatri series because they just get bored with all the exposition and that is just because they are not paying attention to what the characters are saying.If they just listen to what they are talking about ,they would understand all the fine comedy and story better.This show got some AMAZING erotic scenes too that are soooooo good.This show is just Amazing!

I would recommend this shows to those who have watched some exposition movies or series before (Like Sherlock) and understood them.Or else you are just wasting your time watching this.