Dec 7, 2019
Hezzadude12 (All reviews)
Tsuki ga Kirei is an anime I had sitting in my Plan to Watch for a very long time. It seemed like a run-of-the-mill seasonal anime that I had been recommended on a couple of occasions. After watching, I see I was totally wrong.

The characters and their development felt so realistic. Sure, there were a few instances where their inability to speak seemed unreasonable, but when considering their age it certainly made sense to me. The characters progressed really well from the beginning and become extremely likeable in a short period of time.

Without spoiling anything, complications arise in the plot and the way it is handled by the characters also makes sense. At such a young age, everything can be confusing at times, especially when you start entering young adulthood.

I gave the art a 7/10 purely for the fact that when the CGI came in, I wanted to vomit on my screen. It was really bad and they made little effort to cover it up; but otherwise the art was superb. Character design was physically pleasing and there were no overt anime characters (think typical big tiddy anime girls or big shredded JoJo's looking characters).

This anime was not one that I expected to cry at, but it certainly became one. I recommend this to anyone looking for a good romance or slice-of-life anime, and anyone who may feel emotionless will certainly feel emotions come the end of the show.