Dec 7, 2019
GodZilller (All reviews)
This is a literal commentary of the first 9 episodes. It's also a recap, however, it is narrated by the main characters of this show, which makes it really entertaining. The overall recap of the previous events is done quite well and using the main characters as narrators clearly adds to the charisma and pleasant feel of this episode. In general, this is a great example of how a recap should be done.

This episode is the resemblance of a typical commentary episode you would find on any anime Blu-ray/DVD, and it does a good job of re-telling the overall story from the past few episodes.

However, this seems like a lazy move from the creators. Usually, a recap episode recaps the first half of the show (6 to 7 episodes). As this recaps episode 1 to 9, the recap slightly doesn't make sense at this point. Yeah sure it does give a decent impression when it comes to comparing it to other recap shows of other anime series, but at the time of airing, it does seem like a strange thing to do considering the anime is slowly coming to an end. It's like the creators are forcefully trying to keep this anime alive for a little longer.

In conclusion, this is a good recap episode and it you want to fully remember what happened previously before watching the later episodes, give this a try. Also, if you are new to this anime and you want to start watching it, but you are feeling sort of lazy, this is an episode you may want to start with (if you are not willing to sit through 9 episodes).