Dec 6, 2019
Treizeci (All reviews)
How much did they beg Urobuchi to put his name on this? Did he even write for this? This was a 8/10 premise with a 4/10 execution.
He also wrote Rakuen Tsuihou which was ok even if it was 3DCG so how did this one end up like this?
Do not waste your time on this awful series.

His name is the only reason someone would ever turn their eyes to this mess that supposedly tries to capture the atmosphere and style in Gyakusatsu Kikan. A very flawed movie but with a very interesting setup that simply didn't get enough time to express itself.

The moment you see YOUTUBE ORIGINAL on your screen you can expect this soulless and cheap show to give you the same feelings as Youtube Rewind.

The premise sounds interesting: aliens just sell their second hand ancient tech for simple limestone to humanity. These are exoskeletons (EXOs) that are magically compatible with human anatomy and consciousness. Then I watched the series.

- From here on spoilers -

Machines from the sky that solve and create all new problems. Get it? DEUX MACHINAS. Pandora's box. Prometeus's 2nd fire. If it's first contact why do the machines look specially built for humans? Even 5 fingers on their hands. Are the aliens humanoid? They broadcast in 5 languages to humanity. Teams of 5 soldiers. 5 main characters ( 4 protagonist + 1 antagonist). 5 is a somewhat symbolic number in this series. First time you see the mechas they are numbered 51. Area 51? Too bad the running time for this won't get into it. You'd think they will explore the massive changes to human society? Not really, just a few newscasts and some talks between some soldiers. Then horribly shot action scenes and oddly inserted timeskips.

You have such a good conflict which they absolutely waste to focus on badly animated CG mecha fights:
Rich countries are extremely suspicious of the exoskeletons as they fear that they are actually some trojan horse that brainwashes their users into eventually serving the BORG (Human Instrumentality Project). Private security firms get in the business fast. Poor countries immediately use them in agriculture, transportation and of course weapons. Will they build Wakanda? Oh no this levels the economy in a bad way but they are really the good guys fighting back. Some kids appear and somehow you are supposed to care for them cause they are child soldiers. There is no time and no scene that can make these kids sympathetic. 'Au contraire'. BUT WAIT! There is a subtle hint that the supposedly charismatic scarface Major that can remotely control the EXOs may be infected by the mind virus from the EXOs and makes his loyal minions the same. You think they will make of this some kind of great reveal or some eerie and creepy ending like in Childhood's end? No, the kids grow up and save some other kids from another corrupt officer in some desert. Pan to the face of the grown up kid, now a soldier. Is he mind controlled, is he a stoic hero? Is that girl that is not drawn like a girl in love with him? Oh you didn't know that was a girl? (Marvelous character design)
Don't know, we get the end credits and I'm dropping this show. What do you mean "it's the last episode"?

The art in this show is terrible. The low framerate with zero smudges to interpolate the frames will hit your brain like broken neon lights. The mechas and military equipment would look great if they were 2D but in motion are a sore for the eyes. The background art is terrible. Horrible color grading, bad contrast. How can you mess that up when the story happens in so many different places, yet they all look the same? The character design is terrible. The eyes are all dead. Unbelievably there is a girl in the series but good luck making her out of the cast.
Nobody has long hair so they won't animate its movements. I wish I was making this up.
Funny enough the mechas move more lifelike than the humans.
The cinematography is terrible. They don't even try or care. There are almost no good shots in the series. The shot composition and simulated perspective are bottom of the barrel.

While the sound design and effects are ok the music is terrible: Skrillex. Monotonous and badly directed. Ugly.

You are supposed to care about the characters. All that's missing is someone telling you to care for them. You can't. There is no time, no build up to it.

I did not enjoy this show and I bet most won't either. It won't grow on people since it has no artistic merit. It's not even funny like trashy harem series. It's supposed to be serious but you can't invest in the characters because of the horrible characterization.

Why did they make this show? What was it really trying to say? What was its point? Alien robo-humans will make humans OBSOLETE? Humans will forever be in conflict? Don't trade with aliens?

Do not recommend.