Dec 6, 2019
ZeroSN (All reviews)
First off i wanna say this show deserves more credit where credit is due
also Shippuden is ten times the show part 1 was
Naruto's development was truly amazing to watch
the ignorant kid tht only cared about wht he wanted started learning how the ninja world works and thru this he gains the respects of others by proving himself time and time again.. finally understanding hatred and how he could change the world
and then Sasuke's development and character was truly amazing the way how he gained power in his eyes and thru each transformation he gained a larger goal and saw the world differently
Truly a great story about basic human understanding and world peace
there's plenty of characters tht i could talk about tht had great development but tht would take such a long time lmao
Just the fact tht Naruto grew so much makes him T3 MC of all time and its a shame not a lot of ppl apperciate the greatness behind this anime and story
Everyone should watch Naruto tbh truly a great show
(PS if you ever want me to type more just shoot me a message i will)