Dec 6, 2019
iitacoknight125 (All reviews)
There are few anime from 2010 that can claim an artistic crown that still stands up to this day. Angel Beats is nearly 10 years old at the time of publishing this article, with many people still talking about it. Some people absolutely love this show and other's think the story and pacing is too flawed to fully enjoy it. I personally found a lot of enjoyment, but at the same time I can also

Angel Beats is an original anime written by Jun Maeda, who also wrote the stories for Charlotte and Clannad. His work has this "real life in a surreal setting" sort of atmosphere, and Angel Beats is probably one of the best examples of this.

The anime starts right off with our main character, Otonashi, already dead. He soon learns that he has entered the afterlife and is suddenly thrown into action with other kids around his age fighting this girl they're calling "Angel". The reason they're fighting her is because apparently she's been making people in this afterlife disappear. The rest of the show essentially deals with these characters and they struggle to work through why they're there in the first place. I feel that this premise will definitely get people hooked and only make them appreciate it more as the show goes on.

The few complaints I have is that I feel the series could be a little longer. There have been specials and other things that go into a little more detail and a little more story continuation, just looking at the main series, you can tell there are some ideas that aren't fully fleshed out and the pacing makes it a little difficult to follow. But the good things are just way too good to miss, the animation and sound are astounding for 2010. The soundtrack is truly amazing with genius piano motifs. The opening has a very peculiar composition where the time signature changes throughout.

In conclusion, Angel Beats is a definite recommendation for people who like high school drama mixed in with supernatural action and adventure.