Dec 6, 2019
Yukicorn (All reviews)
As much as I loved the 2nd season, I had bad feelings about the 3rd season because I felt like there wasn't much to go on with... and I was right. I don't love this season, but I don't hate it either. Though I don't understand why this season even exists besides being able to see the whole cast again.

If there will be a 4th season (which there won't) then I would understand why we have a season 3.

Story 7/10
Actually I think the story was done well for the most part. It was more angst, more difficult. With the introduction of the "2nd years" becoming the new Kao Council in their 3rd year (main cast moves up to 2nd year), their introduction was necessary as the relationship being established by the two generations was dependent on who of the main cast would be the new Kao Council and even more importantly why. That was most of what the story was about. What I liked about it was that the tone was more heavier than the previous seasons. There was more dialogue rather than action and more serious moments but still some fair share of the lightheartedness that the main character Hoshitani gives off.

The most important con was definitely the fact that there won't be a 4th season. This season felt like they were setting up something amazing because they made everything more serious, instead they wrapped up the whole ordeal very, very badly. It was rushed and a bit disappointing, but before that the story was not that bad - though if we did have a new season then it would be complete.

I don't think the story is a must-watch because its very pointless on its own. It won't ruin the first two seasons if you want to go ahead and see more of a certain character.

Art 4/10
Same as always, decent at best.

Sound 5/10
I literally remember no songs. It didn't get worse, but there were no memorable ones either. It will probably give you the "as expected of Starmyu" kind of reaction.

Character 6/10
Hoshitani is one of my favourite characters and thats why I favourited him, but I think this season highlighted the one flaw of his character that I was able to withstand up until this point: he's kind of a Gary Stu. Now the basic premise of Hoshitani is that despite being a novice actor, he is able to break the conventions of literally anything in this musical school and earn his right to stand on stage and perform which is officially known as Hoshitani's "miracles", especially because the outcomes are better than what we expect. They were believable in the previous two seasons and that's what made him a great character, but this season has overdone it. Sure we expected that he would be able to do something. Sure they highlighted the new Kao Council's stubbornness compared to the original setting the bar higher for Hoshitani's place in the industry. And while that made most of the season interesting, the outcome was too good to be true, in a bad way. His "miracle" was, while moving, hard to accept. Although I would like to point out that this was my opinion and the general reception of it was actually positive.

Perhaps if they expanded on the outcome then I would be able to appreciate it but right now in my head I'm thinking "why? how?". The entire season couldn't convince me that Hoshitani, or the entire main cast, was capable of convincing the new Kao Council in this way.

Speaking of the new Kao Council, I didn't like them but I didn't hate them either. They can't replace the original, but I did enjoy watching them and their personal views on the school system. Similar to the original, the new one has that one member that wants to create a revolution. They weren't as tight-knit to the main cast (I wish there was more to the relationship though) but they definitely played a significant role in the story. Of course, your favourite secondary characters (Tengenji, Kuga etc.) have even less screentime/role with all the new characters showing up. Actually even Hoshitani himself didn't get any development - they just demonstrated more of what influence he was capable of. The focus was mostly for Team Sazanami (had to look them up bc I forgot about them) who has the prominent rival roles (like Team Yuzuriha in 2nd season) along with some best boi Tatsumi like finally.

Enjoyment 6/10
I sorta like this season, but I don't think its really meant to be enjoyable. You know how every 52 episode anime has this more complicated "ahh we're heading to the deep end" 3rd cour, that's basically what it felt like. There was only one scene which made it all worth it ... *whispers* the return of Otori-senpai~ >///<

Overall 6/10
Despite everything I said, I loved this season for the most part if only there was a sequel. I know there will be an OVA so I will probably watch it and hopefully be satisfied. Then I can come back to edit this and decide if watching the 3rd season was overall worth it.
So far, my answer is no. Season 2 made an amazing finale, but season 3 finishes very unsatisfactorily. I don't regret watching it since I really like Starmyu, but I wish there was more.