Dec 6, 2019
RookieQueenOtaku (All reviews)
I really enjoyed Kamisama. It really sparked a happiness in me and I finished it pretty quickly. It was so much fun to watch and the characters were so attachable. The story line also hooked me pretty quickly, and though I have incredibly low standards for anime (lol) I think this one is pretty good. I was intenstly invested in Tomoe and Nanami's relationship, and the heartbreak of the taboo was hard for me to handle. I think that the really good anime are the one that make you feel as if you were in their shoes, and feel emotional over the characters and their story. The ones that can make you cry and laugh and cheer and feel what the characters are feeling. This show definitely did that for me. Sometimes my heart was breaking, other times I felt anger or humor, just like Nanami. It was really sad in some ways, and comedic in others, but the characters, their troubles, and their relationships will steal your heart if you give it half a chance. I highly recommend this anime, it's a good one. I really enjoyed it and if you like a good romance with lots of sadness and some comedy, I think you'll like it too!!