Dec 5, 2019
WeebOyle (All reviews)
Akame Ga Kill is an edgy show that has excessive gore and dark themes. It tries to steer away from the typical shonen tropes by including gore and death. When a show tries to be different it often forgets to focus on character building and other important aspects of writing just to stand out. Akame Ga Kill is a prime example of how shows like this fails.


The story of Akame Ga Kill follows Tatsumi, who goes to the capital to find money to send back to his starving village. The capital is the center of land where all the opportunities and money are held. However Tatsumi soon realizes the capital is a corrupt place where those in power abuse the people of the land. After Tatsumi sees the Corruption in the capital he soon joins "Night Raid" a group of assassins trying to over throw government.


At frist glance Akame Ga Kill is different form the stereotypical anime: It's dark, it's edgy, theres gore. Other reviews say that the show is very generic at a deeper look at the show. Personally this aspect of the didn't bother me that much. I like the underdog story of Tatsumi getting stronger as times goes on, and who doesn't like a good harem in a show. However i found that to be one of the shows flaws It constantly jumps around form girl to girl making it hard to find a romance in the show that you want to happen. And when the romance does happen in the shows it's short lived, leaving the view more frustrated than enjoyed.

The main cast of the show "Night Raid" are the characters that you spend of most time with and are suppose to have the biggest emotional attachments too. Tatsumi is pretty basic as far as protagonists he's strong, kind, and has a sence of justice. I still found Tatsumi to be an enjoyable character ,he may be a wimp at times but I still liked him. The other members of the team are Mine who is the tsundre trope character, they give her a reason for fighting but its pretty forgettable. Bulat is "Big Bro" character who is the burly musical character with a lot of heart. Shelle is the clumsy soft hearted character who is kindest of all the main cast. Leone is the "Big Sis" character, her only quality was for fan service and has very little development. Lastly their is Akame who is technically the true main character but she has little to no backstory, and shows no change over the course of the plot.

The main antagonists of the show the "Jaegars" are led by General Esdeath who is the big bad, a quality that the show does have is that it makes you dislike the villains. Esdeath is cold hearted killer who only knows the battlefield. Bols is giant fire using phyco while a gas mask on constantly. Dr. Stylish is crazed scientist that uses humans as his test subjects. Wave and Run are two normal people in the group who are the two anti heros. Wave is just a copy past of Tatsumi (they even have the same imperial arms), and Run is the calm more composed character.

Seryuu is another member on the "Jaegars", she is probably most hated in the entire show. Her flawed view on "justice" kill all those that a-pose the empire with no remorse, the show does a great job at showing her craziness and how she got crazy. She is twisted as hell and it makes sence to viewer to hate her. Seryuu gives a good opposite view of what each side if fighting for, one part where the show shines.


So, one way the shows tries to stand out is that it kills members of the cast. Im not opposed to characters dying in stories as long as the deaths purpose is to advance the plot. Most of the time when a character dies they have a flashback right before their eyes and then die. This is a major flaw in the shows writing, ever character gets little to no characterization and their death leaves you feeling cheated out of an enjoyable character. When they willy nilly start killing off all of the main cast in the end of story its more frustrating than anything else.

I don't hate this show, I think that show has strengths in some areas. But in the end i felt more frustrated with show and upset at the ending. The sound track in the show is amazing, one the best that I have ever herd. And I did enjoy the animation at times, especially when it did cool sketch art of the characters. Ive seen this show dubed and subed and I think both are okay, I liked the take on characters that the dub did.