Dec 5, 2019
Maud__Pie (All reviews)
It is actually going to pain me to write this review due to the love for anime I have... but this is a god awful anime. I heard good things about it so I gave it a shot and after 4 episodes I had enough to know that what happens in this anime is all that is going to happen in this anime.

The characters are all one dimensional and boring. The male character embodies every male trope I hate in a harem. And add that to being thrown into another world with his overbearing mother? No. This did not help or boost up the anime even though she has MILF status. The other female characters are attractively drawn, but again... one dimensional.

I'm trying to find one positive thing to comment on about this anime other than the hot chicks, but I cannot. The story sucked too due to the fact that it is nothing more than your typical isekai harem but with your uncultured, supper annoying mother. I would have given this lower than a 5 but the word mediocre just seems to sum up my feelings for this anime.