Dec 3, 2019
WhiteZet (All reviews)
Currently the entire manga can be divided into 3 major arcs, however in my opinion the latest 2 are wildly different from the very first, and in some ways I have found them inferior and even disappointing. [No spoilers and very rushed ;]

The first arc (54 chapters) can be considered prologue, but damn is it nearly perfect. Great dialogue, characters and character development. Even the story itself is nearly flawless. We get to witness some of the adventures of our main character, Thorfinn. This is where the manga shows us the horrors of war, while also often presenting the idea of pacifism.
What really seals the deal is the insanely well written characters. Not only do even minor characters shine brightly, I don't think anyone will disagree with me when I say that this arc contains one of the greatest antagonists ever: Askeladd, whom Thorfinn follows in order to one day defeat him in a duel to avenge his father.
The only part in this specific arc I found to lack was in the character development for prince Canute, one of the more important characters, and where it took the story, due to it feeling slightly rushed. Now, this could have been the intention, but to me it did not feel all that realistic or interesting to see.
The first arc however ended in an unexpected bang, making me really excited as to where the manga would go after that. (10/10 arc)

Unfortunately after the prologue the entirety of the manga starts to revolve a little too much around pacifism and getting away from war, and the writing and characters start to feel a little more dull and lazy overall. This is where the manga loses most of it's charm for me, but make no mistake: it's still worth reading. Just don't expect to see any epic fights, as it's no longer the focus of the manga at all.