Dec 3, 2019
UkePaChan (All reviews)
Uchi no Musuko wa Tabun Gay (Our Son is Probably Gay) is written from a mother's point of view who suspects that her eldest son (Hiroki) is gay, since he is very bad at hiding things.

Each chapter usually deals with Hiroki dropping hints or stumbling over words to hide his sexuality while having interactions with his mom. The mother usually either doesn't address it or goes along with it, as she does not want to push him and eventually let him come out himself once he feels comfortable with it.

The manga is rather cute and fluffy and not too serious on the topic of sexuality or discrimination. The gags are all in good taste and mostly play on Hiroki's awkward and overly flustered reactions once he realizes his mistakes (e.g. saying boyfriend instead of girlfriend).

It is a rather lighthearted story of an accepting and loving family and the eldest son trying to keep his secret while coming to terms with his own sexuality and developing first crushes.

Recommend this for a nice smile and giggle, not just for queer people!