Dec 3, 2019
Ax_Lucifer (All reviews)
A very unique story indeed i love romance anime and this one was recommended to me by one of my great friend who has a similar taste like me(in anime).

i never thought that writing about this anime will be hard. its a shame that i am reading lot many negative reviews i myself admit that its not a masterpiece but its worth watching. the two girls from this anime (Ririna and Misaki) reminded my of two girls from Oregairu, however this anime is a lot different. i dont want to hear that this anime sucks, this anime is very good.this is my first anime where i am unable to ship the protagonist. this anime is very different from other anime, i bet you either wont be able to ship the protagonist with one specific girl.

Please watch this anime before reading below. and pleases make sure you read this below lines i wrote.


when i saw the first episode of this anime i ship Yukari with Misaki but things gets different when he received the notice from the government that he assigned wife is Ririna the girl who he never met before then slowly slowly Ririna starts falling for Yukari.

Story[8/10] The story is not really that great i feel so bad for Ririna she never confessed her feelings till the end i really wanted her to confess to Yukari so she have no regrets. Ririna suggested Yukari to "kiss Misaki everyday" when they first met i thought its a good thing that she understand their relationship with one another however i felt terrible for Ririna that her assigned husband already loves someone else, and then Ririna finds herself slowly slowly falling in love with Yukari but she wont confess cause she already knows that Yukari loves Misaki and till the end she never confessed to Yukari.
[Isnt this the same arc where two bestfriends falls for the same guy and one of them dont want to confess to that guy cause she dont want to hurt her friend]
will this lead us to season 2? i hope so...
[Q]Now just imagine yourself in place of Yukari, you love a girl but you met another girl you care for her you dont want to let go of that girl you dont want her to fall for some other guy either what will you do?

Yukari loves Misaki but he starts developing feelings for Ririna too. i dont think this is a bad plot that a guy falling for two girls [tell me what would you do, break heart of one of the? no! then?] at same time i wont call this a harem anime its just different from other ones i have seen so far. this anime is similar to Oregairu the only difference is the MC from oregairu is way too straightforward. (no comparing).

Art[10/10]I never have any problem with arts when i watch in 360p it seems beautiful too. just love the way they make anime. art is always awesome.

Sound[10/10]Great the dubbing of japanese audio was perfect loved it.

Characters[10/10]Characters are great love them i wish that i can get a friend like any one on em. just perfect there was no annoying character like in other anime.

Overall[8/10]I recommend, give this a try this anime may not be a masterpiece but worth watching you may find a lot many negative comments, so what! Romance anime are not that highrated.