Dec 3, 2019
Stoorainclaire (All reviews)
*Warning spoiler alert
I turned my review section to place where can i deliver my thought on this manga. so please be aware that this could led to SPOILER.
Wow so last I found good-complete-sliceoflife manga that I've been looking after all this year. iwell if you already read usagi drop then you know why I'm rate this manga 9/10...

ok let's get started

- NO weird incest, love between niece, love between know what i mean...
- THEY are married at the end of the series and that make me very satisfied!
- satisfied ending! yeah it's one of my least requirement in order for me to rate this manga high.
- no drama which is i consider good because to be fair, this manga good when there is no drama in it.
- romance is very heartwarming...this is first time that I quite enjoy slice of life with romance not in main genre.

- The mc is slow imo...late in making decision (but I'm quite understand how he feel) but still it's quite frustrated me.

might be update in the future