Dec 3, 2019
Rayaxe (All reviews)
[Spoiler free review]
I'm going to keep this review short, because there's not a lot to say about this show. It starts off pretty weak with more than 10 episodes of build up before the actual premise is reached and then it suddenly gets good. The thing about it though is you could always see where the plot was taking you well in advance, and it just turned into an observation of a constant cycle. It was a loop of witnessing the main character's unconditional kindness, followed by a harsh dose of cruelty and finally a few tears shed and determined vows are made before the reset button is pressed. However, this doesn't mean it didn't have enjoyment to offer, it just didn't surprise me often.

When the anime gives you a bone, to makes you think subsequent progression is finally on it's way, it violently tugs it away from you to remind you that there is nothing idealistic about the main character's position. It reminds you that only at the end will you get to savour the bone. And that it did. The ending was no surprise, but I feel like it would be unfair to fault it based on the ultimate outcome as apposed to rating the execution of it. I was prepared to see how they would execute the end and progress towards it and. While the execution was unexpected, it made me feel more disappointed than I had been in a while. The ending, metaphorically speaking, was like seeing an oil drum, filled with all the liquid idealism that the other episodes were starved of, pierced sharp by a pickaxe from a quarter bellow the top of the container - leading to it's contents uncontrollably gushing out until the level of it's contents quickly fell bellow the hole and thus stopped spilling. This ultimately meant that the built up was wasted as no one really got their just deserts. In fact, the ending pretty much excused all the heinous cruelty we witnessed and essentially touted forgiveness on the basis that it all worked out in the end anyway. This would be fine if it were not for that fact that the moral of the story ended up being "don't mistreat people that seem like they have nothing to give, or else they might just not give you loads of money in the future" - with an emphasis on the word "might", since all the antagonists in the plot were spared a serving of revenge and rewarded...
I think it's clear that I was deeply disappointed by the ending and felt betrayed for investing time into the plot. I was especially annoyed by the fact that the most hate worthy antagonists were portrayed as good people void of maliciousness, when the complete opposite was the fact. It's impossible for you to think that the the character who spent the whole series bullying most the other characters in a disgusting fashion did not despise the main character, simply because she said it - but was in fact her ally in disguise who did nothing to aid her. I was extremely confused by the character who fit this descriptions having an immediate transition from antagonist to ally.

Nonetheless, I chose to give this anime a 7/10, because as much as much as the ending disappointed, I enjoyed the majority of the series. I got to see Victorian era London is action, and was immersed by the environment. I was impressed by how much detail went in building the atmosphere and I enjoyed witnessing the main character discovering new things about working class London life during that era. Although the cycle I previously mentioned was sometimes damaging to my enjoyment, I don't think many episodes felt repetitive in terms of their content and there was still some progression that remained after the rest button was pressed every few episodes. Although the music was pretty mediocre (even for the standards of anime made during that time), I thought the voice acting was well done and the anime was pretty decent. The paintings of London used in the backgrounds were great too, and as a Londoner, it looked familiar to what I see everyday when I pass or go into old houses and buildings. And finally the characters (apart from a few) were very consistent and were somewhat unique - with my main issue only being the fact that some of the characters didn't seem to retain emotions spawned from previous episodes. Therefor I think it's deserving of an above average score, especially considering how much more enjoyable it was watching it compared to the majority of the other anime I've watched.