Dec 3, 2019
ActiveWave (All reviews)
I both love and hate the show.

This will be the first mecha I.P I've watched, and quite honestly I enjoyed that aspect of it, a lot. I loved how their was little introduction to the world. It was refreshing compared to some of my favourite series', as they can sometimes takes quite a while to get up to speed.

I really dig the art style and overall aesthetics. I'm willing to ignore the clear budget problems the studio had during development, as not much can be done about it. The colours were bright, but not oversaturated. I've never liked the 80/90s aesthetic, but this might have changed my view on it, which I'm certainly happy about.

I enjoyed the characters as well. I can relate to Shinji quite well, which made the show more interesting to me, as I actually understood where the character is coming from. Rei was a more of a slow burn, and I do think more attention could have been paid to her as well as Asuka. What the show was really missing was more interaction between the three. They never felt connected, despite having to watch each others backs during battle.

It's the story that really ruins the show for me. Whatever the reason's behind why the show ended as it did, I can't help but feel a little disapointed. What disapointed me the most was the great plot build up over the first 20 episodes, which could have been taken so much further. I read somewhere that the creator didn't know where the show was headed, and it really does show. It just kinda flops at the end, and tries to make a meaningful end, but just feels hollow and empty. I'd be fine if the show showed it's intent from the start, but TBH, it just felt like a "normal" story at the start, and during the final episodes, a completely different show.

Am I glad I watched it?, a resounding yes. Not just another notch on my anime belt, but something different to what I'm used to. But no show is a great show without an actual ending, no matter how well it starts. At the end of a show you should feel complete and content, but Evangelion leaves you high and dry, wanting for more. I give a pity 8 score as I feel the show could have been much more, and most aspects of it are good, despite it's development issues.