Dec 3, 2019
Concordff (All reviews)
I picked up this anime about a year or two ago, and I liked the provided story, and liked how unique each character's personality was. I've found one main issue though. Midway in the series, it gets really confusing. As soon as I've finished it, I had almost no clue on what just happened.
Recently I decided to pick up this series again as manga, and found myself loving the story and characters a lot more than I did the anime. First of all, the anime leaves out some major details for the story. For example, it was almost impossible to understand the main character's(Shintaro) ability. I knew he had one, I just didn't know what it was.
Second of all, they removed the event where the Mekakushi Dan goes to the amusement park. This removes most of the building of character's personalities and relationships.
If you wanted to pick up this series, read the manga before you try the anime.